Halloween Mummy Gnome | Halloween Spooky Mummy Gnome Large with Bats and Wood Nose

Halloween Spooky Mummy Gnome Large with Bats and Wood Nose

Color: Cream/Black

Dimensions: 5" tall

Unearth the enchantment of the Halloween season with our captivating Halloween Spooky Mummy Gnome in Cream and Black. Standing at a compact 5" tall, this larger-than-life mummy gnome brings a bewitching twist to your spooky decor.

Cloaked in classic mummy wrappings, this Mummy Gnome is a seamless blend of the eerie and the elegant. The striking black mask adds an air of intrigue, while the wooden nose infuses a rustic charm. Accompanied by attached bats, this mummy gnome flawlessly embodies the spirit of the holiday.

Elevate your Halloween ambiance by placing this spellbinding Mummy Gnome on your tabletop, mantel, or entryway. Its fusion of cute and eerie elements makes it an impeccable addition to both family-friendly and adult-themed Halloween displays. Set the stage for festive fun and let this mummy gnome take center stage in your Halloween revelries.
Add thisLarge Spooky Gnome for Halloween Display withBats and Wood Nose Gnome Decor to yourOctober All Hallows' Eve Décor collection, and you'll have aSpooky Halloween Home Decorations piece that's both captivating and memorable. Whether you place it indoors for aScary Gnome for Halloween Party or outdoors as aSpooky Outdoor Halloween Gnome, thisHaunted Garden Gnome with Bats is sure to impress. It's not just a seasonal decoration; it's aHalloween Mummy Gnome Collectible that will elevate your holiday spirit.