Halloween Night Pumpkins Spooktacular Wonderland with our Halloween Printed Ceramic Pumpkins Set/3

Transform Your Lawn into a Spooktacular Wonderland with our Halloween Printed Ceramic Pumpkins Set/3!"

  1. Each pumpkin has a unique design.
  2. Made of ceramic.
  3. Indoor or outdoor safe.


  • Large (L): 6.3″W x 8.64″H x 6.3″D
  • Medium (M): 5.51″W x 6.89″H x 5.51″D
  • Small (S): 3.94″W x 3.94″H x 3.94″D

 Halloween Night right to your doorstep.

Bats, Stars, and Swirls These three Ceramic Pumpkins are not your ordinary jack-o'-lanterns. They are adorned with captivating designs of bats, stars, and mystical swirls that dance under the moonlight. Their multicolored finish adds a vibrant touch to your spooky ensemble, making them the ideal centerpiece for your Halloween night festivities.

**Set the Scene for a Hauntingly Good Time Whether you're hosting a Halloween party or just aiming to impress the neighborhood trick-or-treaters, this 3 Piece Printed Ceramic Pumpkins Halloween Night Lawn Art Set is your secret weapon. Line your pathway with these enchanting pumpkins, create a mesmerizing display on your porch, or use them to accentuate your spooky garden—watch as they bewitch all who dare to pass by.

Magical Durability Crafted from high-quality ceramic, these pumpkins are not only spellbinding but also built to last. They'll withstand the test of time and bring enchantment to your Halloween night year after year.

Summon the Spirit of Halloween There's no need for elaborate incantations or potions to capture the spirit of Halloween. With our Halloween Printed Ceramic Pumpkins Set/3, you can summon the magic effortlessly.

Order Now Don't let Halloween night catch you unprepared. Elevate your outdoor décor game with these Halloween Printed Ceramic Pumpkins. Order now and get ready to cast a spell of enchantment over your neighborhood!