About Us

Who We Are 

Founded in 2018 by Laurie, a professional career focused woman.

She set the goal of creating a store for women who honor their own brilliance, dazzle in any setting and glow with self assurance.

Our Inspiration


Here at Every Girl Loves Sparkles we are inspired by women's desire for happiness, nature's charms, inspiration, comfort, trendy style,  love, self-confidence, brilliance, and dazzling beauty.

The Desires that they search for to nurture, explore, and experience.

The Desires whose fulfilments are every woman's Sparkles of Joy!

The Desires that we are committed to helping our customers fulfill at the comfort of their home sweet home!

Our Products 

We focus on providing high quality and affordable collections of Sparkling Jewelry, Home décor, Apparel, and a wide range of Inspirational gifts that:

✔️ Capture nature's authentic flavors

✔️ Uncover the true beauty in art

✔️ Expose fashion trends that charm

✔️ Inspire both souls & minds

✔️ Manifest people's faith & passion

✔️ Open home-streams of joy

✔️ Ignite warm flames of love, & self- confidence.

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    Should you have questions or inquiries regarding our products, kindly reach us on social media, or simply use our Chat tool.

    Our Guarantee

    We guarantee 100% satisfaction with all our products.

    We offer FREE SHIPPING on all USA orders above $50. 

    Since we are US-based, we ship all our products from our US warehouse.

    This ensures you get an amazing purchase experience due to our fast delivery.


    Our Contact

    In case of any inquiry regarding your order, feel free to contact us through our Contact Page, or simply send us an email using: everygirllovessparkles@gmail.com. 


    Happy Shopping!